Arcadian’s Chassis-Bond is an excellent choice for vehicle undercarriage cleaning and protection.  Chassis-Bond  leaves a protective film to further defend against foreign contaminates affecting vehicle underbodies. Specially concentrated formula works to inhibit rust, making this an excellent add-on to any car wash tunnel or in-bay automatic system with an undercarriage spray applicator.


A concentrated protectant for use in wax and protectant cycles. Provides enhanced water shedding with CHERRY Scent and great foam-ability.
Draw Ratio up to 90:1

Arcadian’s Dressing-Bond is a ready-to-use, water-based interior and exterior dressing in detail shops, car dealerships and full service car washes, It is excellent for use on rubber, vinyl, leather and plastic and has been formulated with the latest silicone technology for durability.

This oil free protectant is an excellent product for those locations requiring high beading, a mild CHERRY or LEMON scent, and no “build-up” on the vehicle surface. This product is hydrocarbon free and great for reclaim systems. Draw Ratio 90:1

Exquisite is an excellent clear coat protectant that is to be used in the high pressure cycle of your wax or protectant application. Exquisite™ provides high beading, a great CHERRY scent, and a medium foam covering to give the customer confidence of the products application. Use this product and your customers will never question the performance of your wax or protectant cycle. Draw Ratio 120:1

Foaming Auto-Bond™ has been developed with POLYMER Science Technology that offers Total Vehicle Surface Protection while adding the foaming show many operators desire. Our advanced formulation is designed to Repel Water, Enhance Shine, Protect Surfaces, and give that added show all at a Price that cannot be beat! Wonderful POWER PUNCH Scent that customers love! Recommended Draw Ratio is 240:1 or Higher!

A low pH presoak based on a non-hf acid technology system. Great for two step applications where extra glass and chrome cleaning is desired without the use of HF. Excellent at cleaning difficult road grime, mineral build-up and oxidation from glass, aluminum, chrome and paint. The recommended draw ratio is 90:1.


ARCADIAN’S HALO Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaner Concentrate is a non-streaking, industrial-strength formula that cleans glass, acrylic and tinted windows. Each gallon of concentrate makes up to 18 Gallons of ready to use glass cleaner. HALO has been carefully formulated
with ingredients that help in penetrating dirt and grime and its ammonia-free formulation provides safe cleaning for tinted glass.

Halo is ideal for use in athletic facilities, hotels, automotive detail shops, car and truck dealers, car
washes, commercial buildings, hospitals, assisted living facilities, conference centers, office buildings, and schools and has the following
features and benefits:
· Highly Concentrated
· Removes smudges, dirt and grime
· Ideal for tinted glass in home, office and auto
· Ammonia free · Streak free

HP2000 Foam Brush Shampoo is a concentrated hybrid between a Foaming Detergent & Powerful Presoak. High Alkaline, designed for customers who desire enhanced cleaning from their foam brush systems.

HP 2000 Power Foam is a Concentrated High Pressure Soap, a hybrid between a Foaming Detergent & Powerful Presoak. High Alkaline, designed for high cleaning where customers may not use brushes or presoak. Also provides excellent lubricity and is widely used as a friction detergent in both automatic and tunnel systems.