Titanium™ 1 is recommended as the first of two steps in a 2-step presoak process. Titanium 1 is an acid-based presoak designed to provide enhanced cleaning and remove windshield eyebrows and road films. It also effectively cleans the toughest road grime, mineral build-up and oxidation from glass, aluminum, chrome and paint. Titanium Step 2 is recommended as the second step in this process for proper cleaning. The recommended draw ratio is 90:1. Contains HF.

This is the perfect add-on to our Ultra-Bright Cleaners. When mixed together it will remove extreme cases of brake dust and make white-walls look brand new! No scrubbing-no long dwell times.

This is the liquid version of our Ultra-Bright Powder. When mixed together with Ultra-Bright Booster, it will remove extreme cases of brake dust and make the white-walls look brand new.

This famous tire cleaner has been one of our premium tire and wheel cleaners for years. Perfect for any application — self-serve, tunnels and CTA’s. Non-caustic/non-acidic. Bright green. Use with Ultra Bright Booster for unbelievable cleaning.

Arcadian’s Windshield Wonder is a Hyper Concentrated Windshield Washer Fluid that is designed to mix 6 ounces of Windshield Wonder with water to yield 55 gallons of ready-to-use Windshield Washer Fluid.  Arcadian’s Windshield Wonder is great as an add on for Full Service or Express Car Washes as well as for Quick Lube Centers.

The only choice when using foam brushes in the winter! This complete foam brush product will not freeze when used as directed. A nice light blue color. Can be adjusted to varying levels for a range of freeze production.Protects down to ZERO degrees Fahrenheit.