This is truly one of the most unique foam brush products. This advanced technology allows the product to be drawn directly from the container at ratios up to 700:1. Multiple Color and Fragrance Combinations are available to create a unique experience for your customers.


Aurora® Series FP256 is designed for all triple foam systems. This product provides colorful rich lather with appealing colors and strong BERRY scent that customers love!  It also aids drying and enhances shine while offering surface protection at an economy price. The recommended Draw Ratio is 120:1

Gorgeous foam and strong scent, makes an impressive display for customers which will increase your Self-Serve sales.  Orange Color with a Berry Mint Scent.  Recommend draw ratio of 120:1 or more.

An economical & advanced Alkaline Tire and Wheel Cleaner that is acid free, scrub-free and ready to take the work out of Tire/Wheel Cleaning. The recommend Draw Ratio is 64:1.   Green in color and available with or without Pine Scent.

Arcadian’s Aurora® TC4D is a highly concentrated neutral triple foaming conditioning shampoo, with brilliant colors and vibrant fragrances, even at extremely high dilutions.  Excellent for use in triple foam system and lava arch systems where the ultimate show experience is needed with  extreme colors and scents. Aurora®TC4D is available in Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow and White and in fragrances including Coconut Lime, Berry, Bubblegum, Pina Colada and Grape.

A all purpose degreasing product perfect for engines, interior detailing, tires, wheels and presoak. Provides the extra “punch” you need for those special cleaning jobs. Will not harm most plastics, vinyl metal or leather surfaces. Aurora® WM800 also works excellent as a prep soap and bug remover. For industrial applications Aurora WM800 is widely used in automated floor scrubbing equipment as well as by power washers as a degreaser. Great affordable performance!

Auto-Bond® has been developed with POLYMER Science Technology that offers Total Vehicle Surface Protection. Our advanced formulation is designed to Repel Water, Enhance Shine, Protect Surfaces, and give that added show all at a Price that cannot be beat! Wonderful POWER PUNCH Scent that customers love! Recommended Draw Ratio is 240:1 or Higher!

Arcadian’s Buster Bug Remover is fast-acting, and quickly penetrates and liquefies bugs and other insects that are normally encountered on windshields and grilles.  Buster Bug Remover is an excellent choice for self-service and automatic car washes and rinses clean with little effort and works is safe on all painted surface as well as headlights, grilles and windshields.

Carnauba Bond ™ is a truly affordable way to apply a Carnauba-Based protectant through nearly every applicator! High Foaming, High Water Shedding and Long Surface adhesion with Piña Colada Scent. Draw Ratios of 120:1 or Higher!

Carnauba Bond

Arcadian’s Carnauba-Shine and Protection Spray is a ready-to-use product and a great solution to keeping your car, truck, or motorcycle looking like new while providing outstanding protection against the elements. Carnauba-Shine is made from real Brazilian Carnauba Wax and easily applies, protecting the surface from harmful airborne pollution, contamination and water spots. Simply spray and remove with a dry cloth to bring an incredible shine in minutes.