Arcadian Announces the release of “Carnauba-Bond”, “Tire-Bond”, and “Phoenix SD”! The new Products all offer the performance and appeal that your customers have come to expect, at a price that can help you increase your bottom line.

CARNAUBA-BOND is an affordable way to apply a Carnauba-Based protectant through nearly every applicator in your Tunnel, Touchless / Roll-Over Automatic, and even your Self-Serve! It offers a colored Foam with a Strong Pina Colada Scent, High Water Shedding and Long Lasting Surface adhesion, that your customer can see Immediately working..

TIRE-BOND is our newest version of Tire Shine product that will provide the “fast-shine” and longevity that you will love–at superior pricing. It is also available in a Water Based Formula, when you are looking for a Product that is more Reclaim friendly.

PHOENIX-SD is a High Performance Drying Agent designed for Tunnel and Automatic Applications, when nothing but the “Best” will do. It offers a Fast Water Break, to help get the Finished result that your Customers expect!

The New Products that we developed all have an emphasis on offering a High End Performance that You and Your Customer can see, all while helping you Lower your overall Cost car.. Why overpay for a Product, when you don’t have to!

Call us today to see what Arcadian can do for you!