Titanium 2-Step System™

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This system is designed to be used in true “Two Step Systems” only, and you must have equipment made to handle both high & low pH products.  Simply put, we challenge you to find a presoak system that cleans better than our Titanium Two Step System. Excellent at removing oils, dirt, grease, and bugs.  In addition, we totally remove the “window mask” and road film that other presoaks only dream of.

Titanium 2-Step System™ Products:

  • Titanium 1
  • Titanium 2
  • Titanium TF66

Titanium 1 or TF66 are the first steps.  Recommended Draw Ratio for Titanium 1 is 90:1 while TF66 is our Super Concentrate and should be used at 150 to 1 / Titanium 2 is the 2nd step with a Recommended Draw Ratio of 90:1.