The Single Reason Why Your Car Wash Needs New Supplies and Equipment

Think about why you return to your favorite ice cream shop during the warmest summer months … why you return to your local barber when your hair gets too long … and why you return to the same movie theater weekend after weekend.

It’s the same reason why people return again and again to a premier car wash with their dirty car: when people are satisfied the first time, they return again for the same results.  It boils down to a simple marketing equation …

Good equipment = good results = good returns.

This is why it’s imperative for the ice cream man to invest in new dipping machines as much as it is for you to invest in new car wash supplies and equipment.  While it’s extremely important to be passionate about your offering and friendly to your customers, it’s equally as important to deliver a quality product or service.  With high quality equipment, you produce better results for your customers and, in turn, receive an increase in customer traffic and revenue.

What Kind of Car Wash Needs This Stuff?

Investing in new car wash supplies and equipment is imperative for both new and established car wash companies.  New car washes need it to make a good first impression on the community they’re located in.  If they make a good first impression – for instance, emit shiny, scratch-free cars from the washing tunnel – people will continue to come back.

Older car washes also need new supplies and equipment so they can maintain their public face.  If you own an older car wash, you’ve doubtlessly already built a strong reputation for cleaning cars well.  However, the thing about car wash equipment and supplies is that they need updated regularly.  There’s always a better piece of equipment coming out that’s gentler and a new cleaning supply engineered using modern technology.

Car wash equipment that cleans without scratching and cleaning supplies that produce a shine similar to the one that gleamed off the car when the customer first bought it are things that produce incredible returns of traffic and cash.