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New Products for 2013

admin : May 3, 2013 4:01 pm : Products

Arcadian Announces the release of “Carnauba-Bond”, “Tire-Bond”, and “Phoenix SD”! The new Products all offer the performance and appeal that your customers have come to expect, at a price that can help you increase your bottom line.

CARNAUBA-BOND is an affordable way to apply a Carnauba-Based protectant through nearly every applicator in your Tunnel, Touchless / Roll-Over Automatic, and even your Self-Serve! It offers a colored Foam with a Strong Pina Colada Scent, High Water Shedding and Long Lasting Surface adhesion, that your customer can see Immediately working..

TIRE-BOND is our newest version of Tire Shine product that will provide the “fast-shine” and longevity that you will love–at superior pricing. It is also available in a Water Based Formula, when you are looking for a Product that is more Reclaim friendly.

PHOENIX-SD is a High Performance Drying Agent designed for Tunnel and Automatic Applications, when nothing but the “Best” will do. It offers a Fast Water Break, to help get the Finished result that your Customers expect!

The New Products that we developed all have an emphasis on offering a High End Performance that You and Your Customer can see, all while helping you Lower your overall Cost car.. Why overpay for a Product, when you don’t have to!

Call us today to see what Arcadian can do for you!

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Above Average Rainfall for Car Wash

admin : August 9, 2013 3:04 pm : Equipment & Systems

We are getting are hearing that carwashes are reporting above average rainfall, which is causing most car owners to hold off washing their vehicles. If you are seeing this, please drop us a line with more details. Have a great weekend!

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