TF-66 is Arcadian’s newest technology  acid-based wheel cleaner and first step presoak for touchless car wash systems.

As an acid wheel cleaner TF-66 has been formulated for metal wheels as well as to brighten chrome, clear coated and mag wheels and is safe for plastic wheel covers.   It contains strong mineral acids and a unique array of surfactants which quickly attack and remove brake dust and road films, while cleaning and brightening without scrubbing.  Recommended dilutions are up to 240 to 1 for wheel cleaning.

As a first step Presoak for Touchless Car Wash Systems, Arcadian can totally remove the “window mask” and road film that other presoaks only dream of. This system is designed to be used in true “Two Step Systems” only, and you must have equipment made to handle both high & low pH products. Our Titanium TF66 is a super concentrated first step that can also be used in conjunction with the Titanium 2 as a second step. The recommended draw ratio for the TF66 is up to 240:1 and for Titanium 2 our recommended draw ratio 90:1.

Do not use on PVD, anodized, or uncoated aluminum wheels. Contains HF