Introducing Arcadian’s Reclaim-Defender Series: A Technological Leap in Car Wash Water Treatment.

Arcadian’s Reclaim-Defender Series is designed for the unique needs of the car wash industry. By integrating a meticulous blend of Gram-Positive & Gram-Negative Bacteria, we present a solution with several distinct benefits:

Odor and H2S Control: The persistent issue of the ‘rotten egg’ odor, often linked to Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (H2S), can deter customers and degrade equipment. Our series directly addresses this, significantly reducing H2S levels, mitigating the associated odor, and extending equipment lifespan by limiting corrosion.

Sludge Reduction and Water Purification: A frequent challenge in the car wash industry is the buildup of organic sludge, leading to compromised reclaimed water quality. Our solution actively reduces this accumulation, leading to marked improvements in the quality of reclaimed water and lower removal costs of collected soils and sludge.

Beyond controlling H2S emissions, our solution optimizes your reclaimed water, reducing levels of COD, BOD, and TSS. This not only ensures a superior washing experience but also assists in adhering to regulations, potentially preventing legal and financial ramifications.

If sludge buildup, H2S production, and compromised reclaimed water quality are challenges you face, our Reclaim Defender Series, might  be the answer you’ve been seeking. For a deeper understanding of how the Reclaim-Defender can benefit your operations or to simply see it in action, give us a call. We would be glad to show you how this low cost solution will save you money and drive revenue….