AURORA® Hydra-Guard 67 is a premium oil free, water-glycol, water-soluble hydraulic fluid for conveyorized car wash tunnel systems. AURORA® Hydra-Guard 67 is beneficial in the case the hydraulic fluids is accidently sprayed onto a vehicle in the event of a hydraulic leak and is easily removed with a basic water rinse. It is free of any mineral oils and will not leave residue on vehicles. Downtime can be greatly reduced when using AURORA® Hydra-Guard 67 as being free of mineral oil, cleanup is much easier and operations can be easily resumed.
AURORA® Hydra-Guard 67 disperses in water, rinses away, leaves wash material, equipment, reclaim reservoir and cars clean. It is oil-free, thus eliminating the costly downtime for clean-ups after leaks.  Aurora® Hydra-guard 67 has a high viscosity index along with a low pour point to ensure excellent performance even during cold weather. AURORA® Hydra-Guard 67 is an Environmentally-conscious water-based formula