Self-Serve Washing

Self-Serve Washing

Many folks still enjoy washing their car themselves. Self-Serve car washes offer an excellent way to accomplish this and protect the environment. Self-Serve car washes use a fraction of the water it takes to wash in the drive way and the waste water is captured and disposed of properly. Here are some tips to make your Self-Serve car wash trip a success.

-For best results follow the menu sign posted in the carwash bay. This will give you step by step instructions to achieve a clean car.

-ALWAYS use tire cleaner & presoak on a dry wheel or vehicle. Wetting the car before hand will make it less effective.

-ALWAYS wet your vehicle with soap or rinse before using the foam brush. NEVER use the foam brush on a dry car.

-ALWAYS check the brush before using it. You never know what the person before you may have done with it. It’s always a good idea to wash the brush out with the spray wand.

-If you like to towel dry your car, use the wax function to make your hand drying easier.

-If the car wash offers spot free rinse use it as your final rinse and you’ll have a spot less car even if the water dries on the car.

If you will follow these tips you will have excellent result on your next Self-Serve car wash visit.

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