The Single Reason Why Your Car Wash Needs New Supplies and Equipment

Image of: car going through a car wash.

Think about why you return to your favorite ice cream shop during the warmest summer months … why you return to your local barber when your hair gets too long … and why you return to the same movie theater weekend after weekend.

It’s the same reason why people return again and again to a premier car wash with their dirty car: when people are satisfied the first time, they return again for the same results.  It boils down to a simple marketing equation …

Good equipment = good results = good returns.

This is why it’s imperative for the ice cream man to invest in new dipping machines as much as it is for you to invest in new car wash supplies and equipment.  While it’s extremely important to be passionate about your offering and friendly to your customers, it’s equally as important to deliver a quality product or service.  With high quality equipment, you produce better results for your customers and, in turn, receive an increase in customer traffic and revenue.

What Kind of Car Wash Needs This Stuff?

Investing in new car wash supplies and equipment is imperative for both new and established car wash companies.  New car washes need it to make a good first impression on the community they’re located in.  If they make a good first impression – for instance, emit shiny, scratch-free cars from the washing tunnel – people will continue to come back.

Older car washes also need new supplies and equipment so they can maintain their public face.  If you own an older car wash, you’ve doubtlessly already built a strong reputation for cleaning cars well.  However, the thing about car wash equipment and supplies is that they need updated regularly.  There’s always a better piece of equipment coming out that’s gentler and a new cleaning supply engineered using modern technology.

Car wash equipment that cleans without scratching and cleaning supplies that produce a shine similar to the one that gleamed off the car when the customer first bought it are things that produce incredible returns of traffic and cash.

Self-Serve Washing

Self-Serve Washing

Many folks still enjoy washing their car themselves. Self-Serve car washes offer an excellent way to accomplish this and protect the environment. Self-Serve car washes use a fraction of the water it takes to wash in the drive way and the waste water is captured and disposed of properly. Here are some tips to make your Self-Serve car wash trip a success.

-For best results follow the menu sign posted in the carwash bay. This will give you step by step instructions to achieve a clean car.

-ALWAYS use tire cleaner & presoak on a dry wheel or vehicle. Wetting the car before hand will make it less effective.

-ALWAYS wet your vehicle with soap or rinse before using the foam brush. NEVER use the foam brush on a dry car.

-ALWAYS check the brush before using it. You never know what the person before you may have done with it. It’s always a good idea to wash the brush out with the spray wand.

-If you like to towel dry your car, use the wax function to make your hand drying easier.

-If the car wash offers spot free rinse use it as your final rinse and you’ll have a spot less car even if the water dries on the car.

If you will follow these tips you will have excellent result on your next Self-Serve car wash visit.

SECWA Trade Show

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Save That Paint!

When you wash your car, you are doing more than just keeping it clean. You are removing harmful particles, residue, and build up that can compromise the integrity of the ClearCoat and Paint. Bug guts are not only unsightly, but with it being Acidic, can actually breakdown and destroy your cars finish. Using a Quality Presoak Cleaner, like Arcadian’s OPTIMA-PB, can remove those particles before damage can occure. Then by following up with a Polymer Protectant (Arcadian’s AUTO-BOND) or a Carnauba Wax (Arcadian’s CARNAUBA-BOND), you are able to apply a barrier that will aid in protecting your car’s finish between washes..

New Products for 2013

Arcadian Announces the release of “Carnauba-Bond”, “Tire-Bond”, and “Phoenix SD”! The new Products all offer the performance and appeal that your customers have come to expect, at a price that can help you increase your bottom line.

CARNAUBA-BOND is an affordable way to apply a Carnauba-Based protectant through nearly every applicator in your Tunnel, Touchless / Roll-Over Automatic, and even your Self-Serve! It offers a colored Foam with a Strong Pina Colada Scent, High Water Shedding and Long Lasting Surface adhesion, that your customer can see Immediately working..

TIRE-BOND is our newest version of Tire Shine product that will provide the “fast-shine” and longevity that you will love–at superior pricing. It is also available in a Water Based Formula, when you are looking for a Product that is more Reclaim friendly.

PHOENIX-SD is a High Performance Drying Agent designed for Tunnel and Automatic Applications, when nothing but the “Best” will do. It offers a Fast Water Break, to help get the Finished result that your Customers expect!

The New Products that we developed all have an emphasis on offering a High End Performance that You and Your Customer can see, all while helping you Lower your overall Cost car.. Why overpay for a Product, when you don’t have to!

Call us today to see what Arcadian can do for you!