Waxes and Protectants

Waxes and Protectants


Waxes and Protectants


This is to be used in the high pressure cycle of your wax or protectant application. Exquisite™ provides high beading, a great CHERRY scent, and a medium foam covering to give the customer confidence of the products application. Use this product and your customers will never question the performance of your wax or protectant cycle. Draw Ratio 120:1

PF4000™ Triple Foam Protectant

If you offer a Triple coat application, your customers deserve a product that really delivers. Forget colored foam, this is a true clear coat protectant that provides unparalleled water shedding, a strong CHERRY scent, and non-staining color customers love. Our special formula provides limited surface protection and a shine that keeps customers happy! Draw Ratio 120:1

Aurora Series FP256™

Designed for all triple foam systems. This product provides colorful rich lather and strong BERRY scent that customers love! Aids drying and enhances shine while offering surface protection at an economy price.
Draw Ratio 120:1

Cherry Spray Protectant™

A concentrated protectant for use in wax and protectant cycles.Provides enhanced water shedding with CHERRY Scent and great foam-ability.
Draw Ratio up to 90:1

Lemon Foam Protectant™

A concentrated protectant for use in wax and protectant cycles. Provides enhanced water shedding with LEMON Scent, and great foam-ability.
Draw Ratio up to 90:1

Enviro-Safe Wax™

This oil free protectant is an excellent product for those locations requiring high beading, a mild CHERRY or LEMON scent, and no “build-up” on the vehicle surface. This product is hydrocarbon free and great for reclaim systems. Draw Ratio 90:1

Phoenix™ SD & XD

Our newest, most advanced rinse aid–You have to see it to believe it!.  Makes water shed/run off within seconds!  Perfect for pre-drying. Ratios up to 750:1.

Phoenix Rinse Aid™

The perfect choice for tunnel applications where an effective rinse aid is needed to shed water prior to drying. Provides high water beading /shedding and reduces towel drying labor and spotting from missed areas. Draw Ratio 90:1


POLYMER Science Technology that offers Total Vehicle Surface Protection. Repels water, Enhances Shine, and Protects Surfaces, all at a Price that cannot be beat! Wonderful POWER PUNCH Scent that customers love! Draw Ratio 120:1 or Higher!

Carnauba-Bond™ Foaming Wax

A truly affordable way to apply a Carnauba-Based protectant through nearly every applicator!  High Foaming, High Water Shedding and Long Surface adhesion with Pina Colada Scent.  Draw Ratio 120:1 or Higher!

TS-SB/TS-WB Tire Shine™ 

We offer a variety of Tire Shine products specifically for every need you might face. Either Water Based or Solvent, we have it! Our Tire Shine products not only offer immediate high shine, but longevity not usually seen in economical tire shine products. Let us show you what they can do today! Our long shine will let your customers know they made the right choice by buying the tire shine option!

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