Tire & Wheel Cleaners

Tire & Wheel Cleaners – Tire Shine and Tire Protectant Products


Aurora® Series WC500™

An economical & advanced Tire and Wheel Cleaner that is acid free, scrub-free and ready to take the work out of Tire/Wheel Cleaning. High ratios. Low Cost with/or without Pine Scent.

Ultra-Bright Powder™

This famous tire cleaner has been one of our premium Tire and Wheel Cleaners for years. Is perfect for any application–Self Serve, Tunnels & CTA’s. Non-Caustic/Non-Acidic. Bright Green. Use with our Quad-Injection system & booster for unbeleiveable cleaning!

Ultra-Bright Liquid™

This is the liquid version of our Ultra-Bright Powder. Also can be used with our Quad Injection System for superior cleaning!

Ultra-Bright Booster™

This is the perfect add-on to our Ultra-Bright Cleaners. When mixed together will remove extreme cases of brake dust & make white-walls look brand new! No Scrubbing-No Long Dwell Times. We provide the free Quad Injector–just ask!

Tire Shine TS-30™

This Tire Shine Protectant is designed to give immediate high gloss on your tires, but this product remains on the tire much longer than many competitors products. This added shine for a longer period gives your cusotmer that extra satisfaction that they truly have made a wise purchase by adding tire shine to their wash purchase

NEW! Tire Shine SB™ & WB™

We offer a variety of Tire Shine and Protectant products specifically for every need you might face.  Either Water Based or Solvent–we have it!  Our Tire Shine products not only offer immediate high shine, but longevity not usually seen in economical tire shine products.  Afraid of water based?  Don’t be!  You have to test our newest water based WB product.  It will shock you how equal it compares to solvent based products yet you can have all the benefits of a water based product—no sling, easy clean up, no messy floors!  Let us show you what they can do today!  Our long shine will let your customers know they made the right choice by buying the tire shine option!

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