Private Labeling

Private Labeling

Private Labeling your own line of chemicals has many benefits for a Car Wash Supplier— benefits you won’t find if you just “distribute” products for a national supplier.

Some of the Benefits include:

*Promotion of your own products. Why spend time & money promoting a product line where you have no control of how many distributors may work in your area or have no control to compete on pricing. Constant price increases and limits on the upper & lower price range–-who needs that?

*Stop the customer from going around you! Many chemical distributors find wash customers “going around them” to purchase from other sources or national discount houses–-even online! With your own private line–they can’t! You are the only source for your line.

*No limited territories! Now you can sell where you want! With a superior chemical line of products, word will spread about your product line and pricing. Now you can sell to them!

*Larger Product Line! With Arcadian’s full line of chemical products you now can offer an increased line of products without having to stock! We can ship directly to your customer if you want–-with your label!

*Free Full Color Private Labeling–at no charge! We offer full custom printing of your labels. Just tell us what you want or let our designers produce a label for you. No Set Up Fees/No Charges!

*Offer a second line. No chemical manufacturer has a “lock” on every product. Some of your customers will want better performance, lower costs, different scents or colors–-now you can offer it!

*Make your operation look larger & more professional! The appearance that you are a manufacturer of your own product line can go a great distance to give the impression you are a larger and more well established operation.

*Set your own pricing! Now you are in charge of your margins! Now you can discount!

*Custom Blends! Arcadian can adjust formulas or make special blends to meet the performance and cost needs of your customer. This puts you in charge! Meet their needs–don’t force them to adjust their desires to a limited line of products.

*More Security! In this unstable economy, you need the security of being in charge of your future. You don’t control pricing, supply, national reputations, number of outlets or other distributors–-but you do control your own destiny!

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