Nu-Wall & Wall Cleaning

Nu-Wall & Nu-Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Products

Nobody cleans car wash walls like Arcadian! Nu-Wall™ is the fastest, most effective wall cleaner to remove the scum, buildup, and dirt that is on your wash walls. There is a reason Nu-Wall™ is #1–it really works!

This acid based Wall Cleaning product works great on Fiberglass Panels, FRP, Metal Sheets, Vinyl Sheets, Painted Block, and most types of Brick. Simply spray on and rinse off with high pressure. No Scrubbing! Be sure to read and follow all directions closely, including the recommendation to test an inconspicuous area prior to large scale cleaning.

Nu-Wall-2 Now Available–HF Free!
Nu Wall Rrd Whie Blue Ad
NW before and after collage

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