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Arcadian Services is a company not just for the carwash industry but more importantly for the carwash owner. We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction. Our Car Wash Chemicals and Truck Wash Chemicals are made with our chemical and manufacturing expertise, Arcadian has the ability like no other company, to customize and tailor directly to the carwash owner’s needs. Arcadian manufactures, in house, a complete line of advanced chemical solutions for automatic, tunnel and self-service car washes and has been doing so for over 30 years. Some of our recognizable product names include the Aurora® series, Titanium®, Optima®, Genesis™, Pinnacle™, Phoenix™,  and Autobond®. When you see the Arcadian name on any of our Car Wash Chemicals including Presoaks, Detergents, Triple Foam Protectants, Waxes, Total Body Protectants, Tire and Wheel Cleaners or other specialty products, you can know they were made with precision and excellence.  Our advanced line of foam brush shampoo’s are available in super concentrates as well as in custom fragrances and colors to tailor to your individual car wash needs

Arcadian also is the company you have heard about with the industry’s leading wall cleaner, Nu-Wall™.  To see how Nu-Wall™ is different than any other wall cleaner click here or visit our YouTube site:

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